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Escuelas de Cocina Guatemala

Guatemala (del náhuatl Quauhtlemallan,"lugar de muchos árboles"). República de América Central, limita al oeste y norte con México, al este con Belice y el golfo de Honduras, al sureste con Honduras y El Salvador, y al sur con el océano Pacífico. El país tiene una superficie total de 108.889 km². Su capital es la ciudad de Guatemala.

Su geografía física es en gran parte montañosa. Posee suaves playas en su litoral del Pacífico y planicies bajas al norte del país. Es atravesado en su parte central por la "Cordillera de los Cuchumatanes" y parte de la Sierra Madre del Sur.

Su diversidad ecológica y cultural, la posiciona como una de las áreas de mayor atractivo turístico en la región. Su topografía hace que posea una variedad de paisajes y climas distintos, por ende una riqueza de flora y fauna abundante.

Aproximadamente dos terceras partes del territorio de Guatemala están formadas por montañas, muchas de ellas de origen volcánico. Las tierras altas comprenden dos cordilleras paralelas, la sierra de los Cuchumatanes y el sistema de la sierra Madre, continuación de la cordillera mexicana del mismo nombre, que atraviesa Guatemala de oeste a este y divide al país en dos mesetas de extensión desigual.
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All you should understand IP Rating along with LED Lights as well as Fixtures

Date Added: 2012-03-15 05:11:48
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Category: Escuelas de Cocina en America: Escuelas de Cocina Antigua y Barbuda

Hunting for IP rated LED Strip Lights and light casings can certainly end up being terrible business. That's until you know exactly precisely what an IP is together with what it really signifies. IP's definitely are a classification system utilized to rate the actual protective capabilities regarding mechanical casings also digital closures from the intrusion from solid objects, airborne dirt and dust, accidental contact in addition to seepage. Some thing from a plug socket shell to an LED Strip Light have IP ratings. The actual reason for IP ratings would be to present clients appropriate specifics of the electric powered items they are choosing along with under just what conditions they may be utilized. That is as an alternative to relying upon lingo for example 'waterproof' and 'splash-proof', which can be obscure and sometimes misleading. An IP rating consists of the actual letters 'IP' then two numbers. The actual IP is short for Ingress Protection, while two numbers are a quality explaining how much protection. For instance, people might discover that the LED Strip Light is rated 'IP 65.' The 1st number represents 'solid particle protection.' It pertains to the level of protection an enclosure offers against access to hazardous parts, for example circuitry along with moving parts. This is measured on a scale of 0-6, with 0 indicating absolutely no protection in any way and 6 meaning comprehensive protection. The second number refers to 'liquid ingress protection.' It relates to the particular degree of protection provided resistant to the entry involving dampness. In such cases the scale varies from zero to eight. The rating of 0 means that inside equipment is unprotected. Anything below six means that it is actually unsuitable pertaining to submersion but can endure numerous levels connected with vulnerability to moisture, like splashes and jets. Anything above 6 implies the item can be submerged at varying depth for specified time. With this in mind you can refer back to the IP 65 rating brought up prior. LED Strip Lamps using this IP have a liquid plastic resin coating with a substantial particle protection of 6 along with liquid ingress protection of 5. Meaning the inner equipment can't be reached with out bursting the liquid plastic resin covering also it can also endure jets of liquid from any kind of direction without unwanted outcome. Nonetheless, that also means some LED strip lighting wouldn't be well suited for full submersion in rain water. On a few ratings you can be aware of the inclusion connected with an extra letter, which means just how tamper proof an object is. And so, as you can see, IP ratings are here that will help make well informed judgements about exactly what form of illumination that you're choosing. At all times pay attention to the items you buy and if there isn't an IP Rating contact the dealer. Heres where you can obtain the best quality led lighting system

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